I have been into dance music ever since I can remember. Even when I only listened to what was in the charts in my early years, I always enjoyed the dance tracks the most. As I got older, I learned more about dance music through Judge Jules, Dave Pearce and Pete Tong on Radio 1, and this is what introduced me to clubbing and DJing.

I purchased my first decks (a pair of Citronics) in October 2000 and began teaching myself to mix. My current setup is a pair of Technics SL1210, a pair of Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2 and a Pioneer DJM 600. I have started using Ableton Live for production, and may also use it as a live DJ tool.

My music taste is varied: trance, house, progressive, techno, hardcore, breaks… branching out to indie, rock, reggae, soul, classical and jazz – basically I can enjoy music of any kind. But it’s my passion for trance that is the greatest, having been with me since the late 1990s. I love all types of trance (except the cheesy commercial crap that tarnishes the name), from progressive or vocal, to uplifting and euphoric, through to hard and psychedelic. The beautiful and uplifting melodies of trance are what I love the most, and hopefully some of my own music will be an inspiration to others in a way that so much great music has inspired me so far.

As a DJ, I mostly play trance, psytrance and progressive house/progressive trance with an emphasis on captivating melodies and/or deep groovy basslines. With so much music readily available these days, I like to find the lesser-known tracks that deserve to be played to a greater audience.

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